The Struggle Over Talent Management Strategy

A North American Progress Report

While one-in-two organizations rank talent management as a top priority, only 12% of major organizations have a fully implemented talent management strategy, as found by our survey of 628 North American organizations. We explore this quandary of the desire yet lack of execution in creating a clear and actionable talent strategy and offer steps to avoid the formidable challenges implementing such a strategy presents.

Why Download This Report?

  • Learn how a talent management strategy can help you to minimize turnover and maintain employee productivity
  • Benchmark your organization against others

  • Identify key impediments that can prevent you from fully implementing your talent management strategy

  • Discover best practices for building a talent management strategy

  • Uncover the five key components of integrating your talent management strategy with your business strategy

Key topics: Recruitment, assessment, training & development, retention, leadership development, employee engagement, aligning talent management strategy with business strategy.

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